The BUG OUT party/fundraiser

The BUG OUT party/fundraiser

Time to bust out of hibernation y’all! Come join your girls for a night of good music and good dancing.

This jam is a fundraiser for the Toronto B-Girl Movement 2014 summer program- proceeds will go towards putting the program in action, as well as securing an open weekly session spot for the entire breaking community (beginning in February).

with DJs

General Eclectic (Footprints, Uma Nota)


spinning the best in hip hop, soul, funk, house, afrobeats, etc.

Cipher Contests
EXTREME BUGGIN’OUTNESS- LadyBug and BrotherBug of the night,
Best Commandoes
for cash prizes
Call Outs

…so bring your friends and come celebrate your love of music, of dance, support your local b-girls and say goodbye to Vic and Soupy cause they are leaving Toronto the next day.

Where? Revival Bar STONE LOUNGE (basement)
When? 10pm onwards and upwards
COVER: by donation (suggested $5)

January 30, 2014


KeepRockinYou at MANIFESTO 07 = Toronto Bgirl Battle

KeepRockinYou (KRY) is a community artist based collective seeking to inspire females through hip-hop culture by generating new avenues to grow, become empowered and stay true to themselves. KRY was awarded the Community Contribution award at this years Manifesto’s floor awards for its premier summer project The Toronto B-Girl Movement. Partnered with the city of Toronto’s OIPP program, KRY focuses its community development on building the confidence and raising the number of female representation at bboy/bgirl battles and ciphers across the city. KRY consists of bgirls JuLo, Soupy and Victoria who facilitate the fundamentals of breaking as well as provoke topics surrounding women in hip-hop culture. On Wednesday, Dec. 18th KRY will be hosting a “Meet, Greet & Eat” open discussion on the 2014 KRY program at the Manifesto office (37 Bulwer St.) from 6-8 pm. For more info email, and check them out on Twitter, Facebook and Instagram.

These incredible ladies got the MNFSTO7 crowd open, kickin’ off the festivities at Live at the Square with a crazy battle! Check out the highlights in the video below.

B-girl Macca Workshop

B-girl Macca Workshop

B-Girl Macca will be in town from Philly to host a breaking workshop at 918 Bathurst St at 3pm September 21.

The workshop will be in conjunction with Manifesto’s dinner & dialogue dance community function followed by Manifesto’s Floor Awards, that will be featuring a KeepRockinYou B-girl Cypher hosted my Montreal’s Legendary Crew member B-Girl Lynx.

Toronto B-Girl Movement CELEBRATION

Toronto B-Girl Movement CELEBRATION

It’s going down!! The first ever Toronto B-Girl Movement program will be hosting there final session with YOU!! Come out and celebrate a new generation of Toronto B-Girls.

There will be a ceremony for the participants, Bonnie N’ Clyde breaking battle, food, great music and CYPHERS, CYPHERS and more CYPHERS!!

Pay What You Can (recommendation $5)

We can’t wait to see you ROCK with us!

Twitter/instragram: @keeprockinyou
Join the conversation on facebook:

Toronto B-GIrl Movement

KeepRockinYou and The City of Toronto present to you the Toronto B-Girl Movement.

KeepRockinYou is a community-based artists’ collective that inspires females through Hip Hop culture, generating new avenues for them to grown and become empowered and be true to themselves.

Our mandate is to empower and strengthen confidence in young women through urban art.

The Toronto B-girl Movement (TB-GM) is an intensive three month program to support young women with a strong desire to learn about b-girling (aka break-dancing).

“It’s important…

“It’s important to me because it provides a nurturing environment for me to build my skills and confidence. Please know that just because I say nurturing, it doesn’t mean that you guys are going easy on us. The other thing that I love about it is the physically demanding practice that is part of the movement. I love the physical challenge and am looking forward to diving into the mental challenge of battling!” – Megan Cafferky (TB-GM participant)

“The support and network of knowledge and strong females that have you back, teach you and are a part of your self exploration. The amazing platform to grow!” – Ma’ayan Jasovich (TB-GM participant)

“to me it is an opportunity to open myself, no mater how welcoming your male teammates are, you still feel that they are trying to compete with you. However with bgirls, it’s more like a “girls’ night out”, plus amazing form development training and strength building exercises. So at the end of the program I know will be stronger, cleaner, more confident as a dancer and I will have these bonds with others girls in the program that developed through sweat and pain. And one last thing, I definitely stopped giving a damn shit what other ppl think about me: I am on the floor and it’s my time to shine, biatchez Done!” – Veronica Bak (TB-GM participant)

“For me?! Meeting other girls who love to break! Amazing to feel like the scene is growing… : )” – Sabra Ripley (City of Toronto)

The Toronto  B-Girl Movement is now going into its 7th week. We started mid July with 20 girls who have an array of experience with b-girling, ranging from 3 years to none. The girls have been put through intense training, body conditioning, battle and cypher sessions to improve their endurance and B-girl psychology.

We (Soupy and Judi) are so happy about the amazing progress that the girls are making. They are committed in learning and sharing their understandings of the movements’ benefits including outreach to events and battles around Toronto. 

The quotes expressed are from a few of the girls involved in the Toronto B-Girl Movement, asked “Why is this Toronto B-Girl program so important to you? What is it about the training you love?”

It’s a great feeling to know that we are doing something impactful… KeepRockinYou forever and always!


People with Purpose

People with Purpose

Nia Centre for the Arts, an amazing organization is a community space focused on supporting the holistic advancement of Afro-Diasporic young people.

They did a small interview with Judi Lopez.  Click on “People with Person” to read the interview and get to know a little big more about her.



Toronto B-Girl Movement Week 1


It’s finally here!! 6 months of hard-core planning, applications, submissions, and good old word of mouth, the Toronto B-Girl Movement has arrived Sunday June 16, 2013!!

20 girls eager and ready to train their strength, endurance and B-girl skills were put to the test but definately not challenged.

Hosted by Judi and Soupy, they started the program immediately with no second wasted. Top-rock warm up to conditioning got the girls realizing that this is not a joke. Go-downs, and basic footwork transitions to freeze training really gave the girls a dose of what the next 10 weeks are going to be about.

After 1.5 hours of straight training, we sat around in a circle to get to know each others backgrounds, goals and expectations, over dinner.

An exhausting but feel good 3 hour program was complete and it’s only the first week! Looking forward to the next, and seeing the progression of all dancers!!

I wasn’t joking when I said bring a towel and water!!


BMO Seed Grant & NAN KeepRockinYou


Thursday June 13, 2013 at the Riverhub in Toronto was the celebration of the Top 10 organizations who had applied for the BMO Seed Grant presented by the Neighbourhood Arts Network.

The BMO Seed Grant awarded 6 out the 10 organizations with $1000 towards their project taking place in their community.

KeepRockinYou was present and excited to be one of the select top 10.  We are grateful for being recognized for our determination in expanding the profile of female urban dancers within the Toronto Dance community.

We started off the celebration with a quick throw down to “Ladies’ First” which set the mood and raised the awareness of our premier project commencing this Sunday June 16th-the Toronto B-Girl Movement.

Although KeepRockinYou was not one of the top 6 to receive the grand prize, we were still overwhelmed by the love and support of our fellow “competitors” and  arts community.

Thank you Neighbourhood Arts Network and BMO for such a wonderful opportunity in allowing us to promote, share and  be in the presence of such wonderful people.


Toronto B-Girl Movement



Starting Sunday June 16th KeepRockinYou with the City of Toronto (Culture) will be hosting its premier project called the Toronto B-Girl Movement.

The Toronto B-Girl Movement develops the artistic skills and leadership confidence of a new generation of young women street dancers. Through an intensive 11 week program
of break dance training and knowledge sharing participants expand their dance
vocabulary, increase their capacity to represent as B-Girls, deepen their
knowledge of women in hip hop and empower themselves through hip hop culture.

We’ve selected about 20 young dancers out of 36 to take part in the 11 week program.

Training skills, building knowledge with confidence and support will be the focus on the program. Finishing off with a B-Girl Battle in September to congratulate the girls of their hard work and dedication.

Keep a look out for the Toronto B-Girl Movement in and around the city. We’ll be representing at different events, getting down in the ciphers and cleaning the floors at battles. We hope Toronto is ready for the MOVEMENT! It’s going to be a great summer. KeepRockinYou